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Welcome to Secret Lands farm, a family-run sheep farm offering small-batch quality dairy and meat products produced with care and love.

Sheep have been raised for milk for thousands of years, and were milked before cows. Sheep milk has the most protein of any dairy animal, and more calcium than is present in cow’s milk. It is the richest source of α-linolenic acid, which is one of two essential fatty acids, and has smaller fat globules, which are easier for the human body to digest. Some of the most famous cheeses are made from sheep’s milk, including: Feta (Greece, Italy, France); Ricotta and Pecorino Romano (Italy); and Roquefort (France).

These ancient traditions and proven health benefits inspired us to make sheep farming our life’s work. We hope you love our products as much as we do.

Our Farm

Secret Lands Farm is situated amidst the rolling hills of western Ontario. 135 kilometers from Toronto, and only 95 kilometers from Guelph, this convenient location lets us bring all natural and fresh products to you daily, while providing our plants and animals the country’s clean air. Established in 1904, Secret Lands Farm boasts 140 acres of pesticide/herbicide-free pastures for our hormone-free sheep that call this farm their home.

Our Family

We are the Burovs – Sophie, Alex, and our son Roman – and have owned and operated Secret Lands farm since 2013 when we decided we needed a change of pace and atmosphere from city life. Originally from far eastern Russia, we grew up with quality, natural dairy products as a staple in our lives. When we moved out of Toronto, bringing the wholesome natural dairy products of our upbringing to Ontario seemed like a natural next step.

Our Practices

Combining new technology with old European traditions, we are able to produce artisanal cheeses, yogurts, kefirs, and other sheep dairy products that can only be made on a small scale.This means we have a direct relationship with all of our products, providing more attention to the quality, taste, and nutritional benefits of everything we make.

Our Sheep

The happy sheep of Secret Lands Farm are all purebred East Friesian Dairy sheep. East Friesians originate in East Friesia in northern Germany, and are one of the best dairy breeds. When fed a high quality diet, as ours are, their milk is sweet and particularly high in protein. The naturally occurring nutrients in our soil are transferred into the grass growing in our fields. The sheep graze in these lush pastures, while the remaining fields are used to make haylage – a method of preserving grass that extends the nutrients’ lifetime, and increases the protein content – so that we can feed our sheep local grass all year round. We feed our sheep with the freshest, all natural and nutritious food because we care for our four-legged friends and believe the happiest and healthiest animals produce the best-tasting milk.

Our Products

We offer a range of products based on this exceptional milk, including artisanal cheeses, kefirs, and yogurts. Because of our sheep’s succulent diet, which consists of all natural and fresh grass and haylage, the milk and resultant products that our sheep give are naturally sweet and rich in protein, beneficial fats, and α-linolenic acid, an essential fatty acid also found in chia, flaxseed, and walnuts. Whereas other dairy producers use packaged laboratory raised cultures, we use kefir as a starter culture for all of our cheeses and yogurts. The complex community of microorganisms in kefir help give our cheeses excellent flavour, and contribute probiotics to all of our products, which are essential for maintaining healthy digestion.

In addition to our dairy products, we also offer pasture-raised lamb fed on grass, whey, and apples. This natural diet combined with their easy lifestyle and ethical/humane slaughtering practices lead to flavorful and well-marbled meat. We’re committed to using every part of our animals to perpetuate a less wasteful, more conscientious society.

Our Customers

At Secret Lands Farm, we guarantee only the most excellent products for you and your families. We are excited to share our products with you, so you can join us in the celebration of wholesome, rich, and nutritious sheep dairy and meat products that our farm has to offer.

Our relationship to our customers is incredibly important and we believe that our customers should be getting the freshest, highest quality products possible, which is why we only sell at farmer’s markets where we can interact with our customers, or deliver our products straight from our farm to your home.